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An experiment with Google Plus

I’ve been playing with Google Plus (also known as Google+ or G+) for a couple months now, since it was released by invitation only. Luckily for me I was able to get an invite so I can join it and play around with it.

I’ve been doing a few posts on it, sharing website articles and videos that I’ve found, and generally been enjoying it quite a lot. Conversations on G+ seems to be a lot more interesting than anything possible on Twitter, and even on Facebook.

The best thing that Facebook has going for it is that everyone is using it, and not everyone is using G+. But I think that when G+ is open to the public there’s going to be a lot of buy-in from a lot of people. Until then, I’m trying to share things on both, until the happy day arrives when I only need to share on G+.

A few days ago I decided to try an experiment – to put my blog on G+ and do all my posting and sharing in one place, rather than spread out amongst different tools.

And it’s an ‘experiment’ because it just might not take off. So I’ll use it as my blog from now on, until it becomes apparent that I should return to this blog or I find another blogging tool that’s even better.

For now you can see my Google+ posts and profile here.

If you’re on G+ please follow me so that you can receive my blog updates and other things of interest that I share.

If you’re not on G+ and you want to be, send me an email ([email protected]) and ask for an invite. I’d be happy to help you join in on the fun.

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