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A review of the past year

I know I’ve been active on Google+ and this post really should be there, but it just doesn’t feel right at the moment to put blog posts on G+.  It’s not a mature enough product to act as a blogging tool, so I’m essentially returning to this blog and will continue writing in here. Don’t get me wrong – I’ll still be using G+ to share things of interest to me, but for real ‘blog posts’, I’ll still use this blog.

So it’s the eve of my 45th birthday right now, and I’m sitting here contemplating the past 12 months. Honestly, it feels like a blur, but I’m going to have a go at recollecting events…

In December I went to Rosebud and saw the area I was born in. I drove a 4WD for the first time in my life and discovered I liked it. I started exploring the idea of having one.

In January, as I was driving back from Melbourne on one of my visits to see my friend Scot and his wife Peggie, I had a vision. In that vision I was sitting next to a 4WD and looking over an arid landscape as the sun was setting. It was a beautiful feeling, and I knew that it was what I should be doing with my life. The exploration into having a 4WD continued…

In February I moved into a new contract at work, working as an Information Security Business Analyst. It was my 3rd project with HP, and information security became something I really enjoyed being part of.

I also rediscovered some elements of spirituality that were manifesting into my life. No matter what I do and where I go, it’s always there. Spiritual events and people just keep on coming back.

In March/April this blog received an award recognizing it as an excellent travel blog for the Australia / New Zealand region. I was amazed… But it also reminded me that travel is a passion of mine, and I continued with my thoughts about 4WD’ing.

Someone told me I was an Indigo Adult, and I began exploring the concept of Indigo Adults and what it meant to me. It’s essentially a spiritual personality type, with Indigos privy to all kinds of spiritual and confusing experiences in their lives. I didn’t realize my explorations into it on this blog would attract so many others who were exploring the same thing…

In April my interest in 4WD’ing began turning into action. I worked out what I was looking for, and began the process of investigating different 4WD’s and test driving. I suspected that I would be in my own 4WD before Xmas.

In May there was more activity around Indigo Adults with me thinking about building an Indigo community, and I test drove the FJ Cruiser and immediately fell in love with it. I decided this would be the 4WD I’ll end up with.

I started getting close with Fanfan, a lovely Chinese lady I met via a dating site. She lived in Melbourne, and was enjoying getting to know me as much as I was enjoying getting to know her. We quickly fell in love, as it felt like we were perfect for each other.

In June, after a couple months of negotiations with the dealer and organizing finances, I managed to buy the FJ Cruiser. To do this I had to get a 30k personal loan to pay off the lease on my XR6 Turbo, and get a new lease for 47k on the FJ Cruiser. The result would be spending less per month than if i was continuing the lease on the XR6. Go figure. But after looking at all the figures, it made perfect sense to me that to save money I needed to get a new car.  🙂

Now, considering that a bank previously didn’t want to give me a 2k credit card because back in 2008 Vodafone had reported me as not paying $400 on a bill (which I’d paid but they refused to withdraw their bad mark on my credit rating), the fact that I was able to secure two loans of 30k and 47k so that I could get the FJ was nothing short of amazing for me.

When you desire something that is in alignment with the goals of your life, no obstacle is impossible to overcome.

The delivery time for the FJ was 4 months, so I settled in for the wait.

I was invited to join Scot and Peggie in a 10-day holiday to China, and I decided to accept. I had been wanting to go to China fora great many years, so the invitation was something that came at a time I was able to go. I was excited! We’d be going in August, so I had two months to prepare for it. This included renewing my expired passport, and getting a visa to China.

It also included inviting Fanfan to join me, and I was happy that she was able to go with me too. Excitement all around!

In August we went to Shanghai, China. It was awesome! I really loved it, even though I had a bit of a hard time over there and didn’t think I was loving it at all! It was too hot and muggy, and was killing me with my bad back. I thought the taxi drivers were trying to kill us, but eventually learned that they all always drove like insane demons. It’s just how they do it over there.

I was surprised that I didn’t see very many beautiful Chinese women in Shanghai, and theorized that all the beautiful women left China and went overseas.

I enjoyed the wonderful sights and took a crap load of photos! I really had a great time while I was there, but it took a while after getting back for it to sink in about how much of a good time I had. Fanfan and I got along fantastically. Having her with me made the holiday so much better. She looked after me, giving me massages when I needed them. She was awesome. 🙂

In September, a month after returning from China, she moved up from Melbourne to live with me. A new adventure began!

In October the FJ finally arrived, and I left the XR6 in the garage while my new life began with my very own 4WD instead of the high-powered performance vehicle… Everything was going to be different from this point on.  I’ve just had the XR6 on eBay, and it sold for 2k less than the minimum that I wanted, but 15k is better than nothing. The money will be handy for buying furniture in our new house (Fanfan and I are moving into our own rental house in mid December), and for getting accessories for the 4WD.

And now we’re into November, coming up to the end of 2011 and heading into 2012. Tomorrow I’ll be 45.

After going through a review of the past 12 months, I’m not surprised that when I started this, it felt like the past year has been a blur. So much has happened!

Anyway, I’m going to bed now. Goodnight!

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