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An interesting life

500 words a day is an important habit when you’re wanting to be a writer – not so much when you don’t care. I wanted to be a good writer, but then one day I decided I should stop wanting to be a good writer and just be a writer. Since then I haven’t worried too much about writing. I haven’t forced myself, and I haven’t tried to keep up the daily writing habit.

It’s a nice feeling to relax a bit, to be less stressed about something that I wanted to enjoy. I like the feeling. But…

I remember reading a quote from somewhere (I don’t know where, or who said it) that went something like this:

You’ll have interesting writing when you have an interesting life.

It’s difficult to write about interesting things when you’re not having so much of an interesting life. Right now I’m sitting at home doing web design and keeping myself occupied, but we don’t have a lot of money to enjoy the nicer, more interesting things about life in Melbourne.

With limited experiences, you get limited writing. The more you can do with your life, the more you can write about, the more you’ll be inspired to write.

And that’s another reason why there’s not much writing at the moment.

This is a time of transition, of change, of processing what’s going on. I’m in the beginning stages of changing my life from working within ‘traditional business’ to working in ‘the gift economy’. Every day I’m reading bits and pieces, taking in various information and opinions and experiences, and creating a foundation for my own activities from what I’m learning.

This is how I learn new things and move forward with changing everything. Back in 2007 I did the same thing when I wanted to become a Business Analyst. Read about what a business analyst does, learn how they do it, and then apply what I learn in the practical world.

Now I’m reading about working in the gift economy, learning how others are doing it, and then applying what I’m learning.

Anyone can do this, you know. Anyone can change their life and move forward in the direction of their dreams, or their goals. They just need to know exactly what they want so they can learn about it and apply what they learn. And before they know it, they’ll be living a new life.

I think that my interesting life will be continuing soon. There’s just a bit of a downtime at the moment while this transition occurs.

Between you and me, it’s quite exciting. I’ve got more business in the past week with working in the gift economy than I had in the previous 3 months, and that’s just really exciting and amazing.

I’ve been busy with web design from new clients who are actually rewarding me with their gifts in exchange for my own gift. It’s helping pay the bills, so that’s something I’m very grateful for.

Every new client and every new conversation is helping me refine and improve how I’m participating, and how I’m immersing myself in the gift economy. The more I do this, the easier it’s becoming, and the more popular it’s becoming too.

When you want a new car, you see that car everywhere. Now that I’m immersing myself in the gift economy, I’m seeing people working with the gift economy everywhere. People are already offering their skills as gifts, but they’re only visible to people who are looking for them.

And that’s a concept I actually want to change. I want to appeal to a wide range of people and businesses, not just those looking for gifts.

I can only imagine how interesting this life will be as I’m giving gifts to everyone I interact with, and receiving gifts in return. And the imagining of it all is part of the process as I’m creating this life.

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