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Life itself is a gift to us

We didn’t earn any of the things that really keep us alive, or that make life good. We didn’t earn air. We didn’t earn being born. We didn’t earn our conception. We didn’t earn being able to breathe. We didn’t earn having plants that can provide food. We didn’t earn the sun. So I think that on some level people have this inborn gratitude, because on some level we know that we didn’t earn any of this. We know that life is a gift.

That’s when I felt like crying. I didn’t, but I realised – life itself is a gift, and I’m grateful for this gift.

The above quote is from this video. I encourage you to watch it.

Something inside of me strongly resonates with this concept of working with the gift, of providing my skills to others, to be of help and of value to them. I just love the idea of working within a new economy based on developing relationships and trust, far more than I like the idea of working within the traditional economy.

Last year I became bankrupt. I’m sure that had a significant effect on my psyche. Going bankrupt changes things for people. I’m sure I’ll be working out how it’s changed me for years to come.

I have a strong suspicion that ‘pay what you want’ and the ‘gift economy’ are elements of the change in my own psyche. I no longer have faith in the traditional model, and even being part of the traditional model is no longer in my best interest.

So I’m very interested in breaking away from the old model and embracing a new model. One that will work for me far better than the old one has or will, and one which will allow me to build relationships with people.

It reflects my values, what’s important to me. I believe in the idea of ‘community’, people coming together, supporting each other with their unique gifts and skills, and everyone benefits as a community.

Modern society has become something that worships money and the pursuit of money. I don’t want to be part of that any more. I want to be part of something bigger and better than that.

Finding something in life that makes you cry (or want to cry) is a strong sign that you’re on a path that’s reflecting your deepest values, moving towards your passion and your purpose in life.

They always say that your purpose in life comes from being of service to others, in whatever way you can. I feel I’m getting closer to it.

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