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And so the packing begins

After only a couple of weeks of looking, and the third house we inspected, we found a new place to move into. It’s a little closer to the shopping areas that we usually frequent, and about 10 minutes closer to work for both of us. This is a good thing.

We move in on the first weekend of October, in about 4 weeks from now. We’re really happy that we had two months to find a place, and found one within two weeks, and will be moving into it with two weeks to spare… Plus, we’ve managed to negotiate with the landlord that we don’t have to pay the final two weeks of rent here, which will go towards moving and reconnection costs. Nice.

Now, about the new place… There were a few minimum requirements we had for it, which included (in order): ducted gas heating, dishwasher, allowed to have pets, wooden floorbards in the the living area, outdoor entertainment area for BBQs, and a spa bath. Well, the spa bath was my requirement. Not so much a minimum requirement, but I wanted it anyway… This new house has one! We’ll just have to see how good it is… After all the moving we’ll be doing, it’ll be nice to have a spa.

We started sorting through our stuff today, cleaning out a lot of the rubbish and working out what we want to keep, and what we want to get rid of. And so the packing begins…

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