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Today is NOT the anniversary of 9/11

The media here in Australia is going out of their way to sell news by starting the 9/11 anniversay a day early.  Very annoying.  Since it’s a ‘9/11 anniversary’ according to the US, it should be remembered according to the US timing.  Here in Australia it happened on ‘9/12’, or as we say here in Australia, 12th September…  We’re one day ahead of the US.


So the only reason I can see for this ridiculous remembrance is to sell news for an extra day.  Not only will they be selling news about 9/11 today, even though they’re a day early here, but they’ll be doing it again tomorrow, when the US remembers it…

And in the process, people are talking to me here about how 9/11 happened today, “some years ago”.  No, it didn’t.  It happened tomorrow, and it was 6 years ago.  Not 5 years, not 4 years, but 6.  How hard is it to remember it happened in 2001, and that it’s simple maths to work out how many years that is!


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