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Another year almost over

As I created this new December entry section, and moved November into the 2004 Archives, I realised that another year is almost over and I'll soon be making a 2005 Archives. Wow.

On the 29th, when Passionfruit was in hospital having an operation, it was my birthday. Relatively uneventful as such, although I got some nice gifts from some (thanks!). I'm 38 now. I used to be happy that at 37 I was still closer to 35. But now that I'm 38, I'm closer to 40. *sigh* At least I still have that youthful mind – I don't think that will ever change.

Happy birthday to Shawn who turned 21 on the 30th November. Smiley

I wrote an update in a notebook last week on the 28th, which I was going to put into this journal, but I hadn't gotten around to it yet. I'll get around to it now:

There's been a few things I've been busy with the past few weeks.

  • Building a foundation for my Star Trek fleet organisation, working with Shawn to build it. I want 200 people in it within 12 months, and have 54 so far.
  • Work has been a little busy, with the new client implementation coming to a close as they go live tomorrow. The closer it's gotten, the more hectic it's become. However, I'm very happy that it's gone very smoothly, and no major problems arose. Whatever did arise was dealt with quickly. Not bad for my first.
  • I've been moving forward the Client Relationship Manager (CRM) position I created for myself. They changed the title of it to Service Delivery Manager (SDM), but I get to keep my CRM job description. The first client they gave me to do some CRM magic on was on the verge of cancelling their contact, but I've turned that around in less than 2 weeks, with some positive results. Very cool. I've got another 9 clients to look after as well.

And that ends all I wrote. Funny, it took up 3 pages in my notebook, but doesn't look that much as I wrote it in here…

There's a new game I found on the internet called Star Wars Combine. It's been going for 9 years now, and involves over a thousand people in it. I found it while I was doing some research on some Star Wars-type ships to bring into my Star Trek game for a new enemy race to use (as part of my background story for the fleet). After reading through what was there, I decided to join it (one week ago), as it seemed like an interesting online roleplaying game. Not one to do things by halves, I created a character in it whose purpose was to rid the galaxy of all the scumbags and evil people. I came up with a goal of creating a 'New United Empire', that would bring all the various factions together as one entity to battle the Galactic Empire and other baddies.

Within the first couple days of my involvement, I had a number of people try to 'shoot down' my grand ideas and enthusiasm. It seemed that for the past 9 years, its development has been on the edge of stagnation, which is why it's taken so long. Many people have come along with grand ideas, only to be shot down by those who are afraid of change and caught up in the rut of complacency. They told me my idea couldn't be done, because no one would be interested. And the ideas I had about developing the game better? Hah! Forget about it. The developers never listened to the players, so don't even bother to give them my ideas.

So I joined the development team.


I had someone express their shock – they didn't think 'mere mortals' would be able to join, as they hadn't heard of it being done. They'd been trying to join for a few years, and hadn't been accepted. I told them their belief creates their reality.

I've joined a faction called The Antarian Rangers, because they are the 'military arm' of the Jedi Praxium. I figured that if anyone is going to want to start uniting the galaxy, they'd be a good place for me to start.

So within the space of a week I've joined the game, joined the development team, and started the ball rolling to create some change in this stagnant game.

I'm having fun! Cheesy

Life is always what we make of it. Some people get older and bored. They spend their time watching tv and wasting away. Me, I like the creativity behind creating something that other people can enjoy being part of, in terms of roleplaying and active use of the mind. And then there's my writing. And then there's creating corporate relationship jobs for myself.

The older I get, the more I know I can do. And the more I WILL do.

Funny story – it doesn't matter what I've applied for in the past 6 or so years, be it a job or a hobby – I've always got it. I use the right words, apply the right enthusiasm, it's mine. I like my life.

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