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Dating update

What a nice day it is today. The weather is great, and I'm in a great mood. I just got back from lunch with the girl I met a couple weeks ago, and it was a nice time. First, she was 20 mins late, but instead of worrying about that, I was enjoying the weather and watching the people go by. At least she phoned saying she was having a problem finding a carpark. So she turns up wearing a short skirt, and looking very nice. We went to lunch at the same food place we went to last time (mental note: choose somewhere different next time), and she was a lot more comfortable this time around. Flirting was still high on the agenda, and she ended up getting me to feel how strong the muscles in her legs were. Uh huh.

It's fun, and I'm enjoying it. She's got a boyfriend, so I know where I stand, and that's cool. I'll just be 'mercenary' about whatever 'relationship' we develop and enjoy what comes my way.

Tonight I've got a date with the Japanese girl that I met a couple weekends ago. She contacted me online and wanted to catch up, so I agreed. I didn't dismiss her out of hand, because I've only met her once, and I try to always stick to a 2-date rule, where you get to know a person better the second time around, where everyone's a bit more comfortable. So I'll give an update on that later on.

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