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Battlestar Galactica is awesome!

Do NOT read this if you don’t want to know anything about any episode of Battlestar Galactica. You have been warned.

Every time the latest episode is shown in America, someone – lots of someone’s – puts copies of it onto the internet for people like me to download. Episode 15 of the second season is due out this week. It’s so far away from reaching TV in New Zealand that most people here don’t even know there’s a second season yet! Admittedly, most of them didn’t even know the first season was showing last year….

Anyway, as I was saying, I’ve been watching it almost religiously. There’s a small bit of popular sharing going on at work, with others loving it almost as much as me. Or maybe more than me, I dunno.

The second season of Battlestar Galactica is dark, darker than the first season. Much darker. Emotional and psychological issues abound. A new Battlestar joins in, and the Admiral in command (Kain) is a Bitch! of the first order. She gets medals for bitchiness, even though she’d likely torture the medal maker to make her the medals, and then she’d execute him. She’s that kind of bitch. She’s the kind of bitch you want dead. She has to die, you know it.

So did everyone else in the show. Assassination plots and edge-of-the-seat kinda stuff. People sweating bullets, and you realise you’re joining them.

I love this show so much!

I’ve been trying to get Deidre interested every now and again, but after the pilot episode last year, she refused to watch it. It wasn’t the same as the Battlestar Galactica she remembered from the 80’s, so she didn’t like it. On the weekend however, I got her to watch the 3-part series with Admiral Kain and Battlestar Pegasus, and now she’s converted. She then watched the 2 episodes after that 3-part series. All back to back! She’s told me now that I’m not allowed to watch it, ever, except when she’s watching it with me. A good sign.

The combat scenes of two Battlestars acting together against two Cylon Basestars was just, oh so amazingly awesome! I don’t recall seeing any battle scenes in any other TV show that carried as much energy as this. I’ve seen some awesome battle scenes in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, in the latter part of the series during the Dominion War (you’d need to be a Trekkie to understand…), but this was just truly jaw-dropping awesome.

The scenes of the firepower being brought to bear against the Basestars, and the Vipers flying through the girders of another ship as they’re destroying it, with Cylons being blown out into space through the explosions, and Apollo drifting in an ejection seat watching the battle, and the majesty of it…. just blows me away.

This show is the best show on tv at the moment. Without a doubt. I give it 10 out of 10.

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