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Evolution of Blog

‘Evolution of Blog’… sounds like some kind of horror movie or something, doesn’t it.

Anyway, I’ve been moving this blog forward, over time, to become simpler and yet better. The best blogs on the net, in my opinion, are those blogs which have only two columns. A main column for the content, and a sidebar for links to the rest of their stuff. There’s so much that I’ve wanted to include in my sidebars though, that I felt I needed two of them. But then I was getting the problems that it looked cluttered. And then there were the problems for those working only with a resolution of no more than 800×600.

My site wasn’t as user friendly as it could have been.

There’s this saying that I’ve been aware of for some time: “We teach mostly what we need to learn.”

I’ve been reading about blog design, blog promotion, blog marketing, blog optimisation, blog monetisation, and… well, I’ve got blog stuff coming out of my ears. As I’ve been learning, I’ve been starting new blogs to impart some of what I’ve learnt and what I come across. Blogging Guide and Blogging for Businesses are cases in point.

How can I help others succeed and be the best (or at least be good) if I’m not doing the same thing?

So I’ve been working on making my site into something that looks good, is simple, and yet still functional.

Today, I think I’ve done that. I’ve gone for only a single colour in the banner. I’ve got only one sidebar which still has all the features that I had before, but it’s now ‘minimised’ by being out of sight. If you want to see something,m click on the link and it’ll open up so you can see more.

I like how it’s become. It’s been an interesting ride to get here, and an interesting path of blog evolution. I hope you like it too.

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