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Being sick sucks

Since Wednesday last week, I’ve been sick as a dog, and have been off work since then. First I came down with flu symptoms, with everything aching, fever, chills… That went away by Thursday night, but that day I got a very sore throat. So sore it was actually painful to swallow, and my face was almost going into contortions with the effort to get food past the throat. Then the coughing started yesterday, around the same time that the soreness started to fade away a bit. I could swallow again without too much of a problem! Yay! But the coughing…

The coughing got worse today, and the painfully sore throat came back again late this afternoon. Along with the earache. By mid evening the earache was excruciating. It was obvious that my throat and sinuses were under a vicious assault by bacterial forces, and I was suffering dearly for it.

Deidre has just been awesome throughout. She’s been there, looking after me, providing me with everything I could want and more, and being the nurse and loving partner that someone as sick as me needs right now. It’s been so awesome to have someone looking after me who loves me so dearly, that I just can’t describe what that means to me. Words aren’t enough.

She came into the bedroom tonight and saw me holding my ear, which I was doing because it was so painful. The warmth of my hand seemed to be a little soothing, so she got a hot cloth for me to hold against it instead. That was nice. But then we decided that since things were so bad, and tomorrow I had to go back to work again, that it was time to go to the doctor. I agreed.

I don’t like going to doctors unless I’m either disabled (like when I got a collapsed disc 13 years ago, and when my hip was somehow displaced 7 years ago) or having my life threatened by something (like when I got bitten by a white tailed spider about 2 and a half years ago). Those 3 times are the only times I’ve ever been to a doctor in at least the past 13 years. Anything outside of those conditions are something I’ve dealt with. Most flu and cold symptoms are over within 2-4 days at the most. This time, after 4 days, it seemed to be getting worse. I acknowledged I needed to go to the doctor.

So we went to an after hours surgery at 9pm. Thankfully no-one else was there, so we got into the doctor’s straight away. I explained to him my symptoms over the past 4 days. He stuck a thermometer in my mouth while having a look in my ears and listening to my breathing. Then he had a look in my throat. This is where it got horrible.

I’ve got a horrible infection in the right ear, with lots of pus there. No wonder the damn thing is so sore and blocked. And then there’s a lot of horrible pus stuff on my tonsils, in the back of my throat. I’ve got tonsilitis, he said.

I’ve never had tonsilitis before. I know people have that operated on, and get their tonsils removed, but I also know that only happens if they keep coming down with it. This is my first time, and I hope that it’s not a repeat occurrence….

So now I’m off work until Thursday. A whole week off. That’d almost be YAY-worthy, but it’s not very appealing to be stuck in bed for so long. I’ve already been here in bed for 4 days, taking it easy, and now I’ve got another 3 days of it to look forward to. Not.

But oh well, it’s good to now have some antibiotic treatment for what I’ve got, which will hopefully get rid of this thing very soon.

My apologies for not having written so much. I haven’t been much in the mood for it. What do you write about when you’re stuck in bed feeling horrible? Nothing came to mind. So I played Eve Online instead. Building my corporation in the game, setting up a new website / forum for it, and just generally wasting time playing a game. Well, some people read books or sleep… I play games.

I’m sure I’ll be back to normal over the next few days. There’s some articles waiting to be written. 🙂

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