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Heal yourself first

If you think that life is a result of your thoughts manifesting into reality in order to help you grow spiritually, then this article is for you.

With your thoughts creating your reality, it’s easy for you to think that what you want can be created, which is what the Law of Attraction is all about. You attract to yourself those things which are most on your mind, and thus create them from your mind.

This all happens inadvertently, and works on the principle of ‘like attracts like’ and, if we go a bit deeper, into the very fabric of reality itself.

We exist as energy in a universe of energy. That’s a scientific fact, if you need one. It’s indisputable. Everything is connected, and everything has an effect on everything else. As you move around your world, your influence causes a change on it; on the environment, the people around you, the events that you’re part of. Everything changes because of you.

On a deeper level, changes occur not just because of your thoughts and your actions, but also your feelings. Have you noticed when you’re angry about something, things happen that just make you more angry? When you’re having a bad day, more things happen to make it even worse? And when you’re having a good day, nothing can go wrong.

This is because your reality is also influenced by your feelings, not just your thoughts.

And your feelings can go pretty deep, along with the reasons for those feelings. There can be so much hurt and anger and sadness inside of you, all of it going back to some past event that you haven’t resolved for yourself.

These feelings are part of your reality too! And by being part of your reality inside of you, they’re manifest into your reality outside of you too. What is inside, is outside.

Anger, hurt, sadness… Any emotion you have inside of you is going to be manifested in the people around you. Many of the people that come into your life will have the same emotions as you, reflecting back to you what is inside of you.

In fact, you could quite easily work out what kinds of unresolved emotions and issues you have simply by looking at the people around you. They’re reflecting you, in all your glory.

The feelings that they bring out in you are feelings that are yours. Not theirs. It’s unwise of you to say something like, “I hate them because they do something I would never do!”

All that says is that you hate yourself because you actually do the same thing. What you hate in others is also what you hate in yourself, but you just don’t acknowledge it!

And it’s because the emotion is unacknowledged that it has to manifest outside of you, to make you aware of it. It needs acknowledgement before it can be healed, and so it needs to make you aware of it.

The funny thing is, the more you refuse to acknowledge that emotion within you, the more you’ll see it manifesting in your life.

Here’s an example…

I really despise how George Bush does things. I despise how his arrogance and ignorance have created a situation that has affected the entire world, plunging it into knee-jerk reactions based on fear. Not only is the world reflecting Bush’s fears back to him, but Bush is reflecting to me my own frustrations with arrogance and ignorance inside of myself.

I don’t like being arrogant and ignorant, and yet I see those qualities in me. When I see someone with the same qualities, it makes me very angry about how arrogant and ignorant they are. The problem is, all I’m really seeing are reflections of me!

In order for me to get past my own arrogance and ignorance, I need to become consciously aware of it. I need to acknowledge it. I need to apologise to myself for ignoring that part of me, and tell myself that I love me.

“I’m sorry, I love you.”

That’s what I need to say. That’s what YOU need to say to all those emotions inside of you which are crying out for acknowledgement by manifesting themselves into the world around you.

And here’s an interesting little side effect.

When you can heal the problem within you, then the manifesting of it will fade away. When you can heal your unresolved emotional issues, the triggers for those emotional issues will no longer be there.

When I can heal my own arrogance and ignorance, for example, then George Bush will cease to be the cause of such frustration in my life. In fact, George Bush himself will be healed of his own arrogance and ignorance, simply by not needing to manifest it for me any more!

At least, that’s the way it’ll seem in my reality. And you never know, it just might be the same in your reality.

So in order to heal those people around you, you need to heal yourself first by seeing them as manifestations of your own inner illness.

If someone you know is suffering from something, then it’s the manifestation into your reality of something that you’re suffering from.

Take cancer, for example. If you are close to someone who has cancer and is dying, you have the opportunity to heal them by recognising that there’s something going on inside of you that’s eating you up inside. By healing yourself, you have the power to heal others.

Try it, it does work. There are people who already make it work for themselves. You can too.

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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