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Changes to the Great Aussie Adventure

Ok, I’ve been thinking about it overnight, and I realised I wasn’t particularly happy at doing such a ‘lightning’ trip around Australia in just 40 days. There are quite a few long stretches I’d need to do in order to make it around the country according to schedule, and there’ll be a lot of places and sights that I wouldn’t be able to see.

So I changed my mind. Instead, I’m splitting the trip into two. The eastern half this year, and the western half next year.

I’ll do Victoria and eastern Sth Australia first, which will take about 9 days, ending up back in Canberra:


After resting a day or two in Canberra, I’ll then set out for the 2nd part of the trip:


The second part will take about 30 days, a whole month to pretty much travel around the outback areas of NSW and QLD, Gulf of Carpentaria, then come down via the east coast, taking in the Great Barrier Reef, various beautiful islands, and ending up back home in Canberra again.

Throughout both legs of the trip, I’ll take in a number of tours and air flights to see the best areas of the national parks that I’ll be traveling through. I’m hoping to get some awesome photos here and there.

So that’s THIS year’s Great Aussie Adventure planned out (I’m still working on all the accommodation and sightseeing plans, etc). Next year I’ll do exactly the same thing, but with the western half of the country:


It’s still going to be a Great Aussie Adventure for me, but instead of doing the whole country in 40 days, I’ll do it in 80 days – over two years. 🙂

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