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Disqus is back

Some time ago I had some issues with Disqus as the commenting system. I ended up discovering it had nothing to do with Disqus, but with the background database, where there was a mismatch occurring between some comments and the posts they were related to.

I’ve since had some people advise me that they can’t login to the commenting system I was using instead, and so I’ve decided to return to Disqus, because at least it was a somewhat reliable commenting system.

There may be a period during the transition where some comments aren’t visible on this blog while they’re being uploaded and synchronised with the Disqus database.  Just don’t worry about that, it’ll all work itself out eventually. (And if it doesn’t, then I’ll go back to the what it’s been up until now…)

If you have any issues logging in to add a comment, please PLEASE let me know so I can see what’s going on and maybe help you out with a fix.

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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