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Struggling with depression

One of the things I’ve never had a problem with is avoiding depression. I recognise those times that I’ve been depressed, and once I’m aware of it, I can pretty easily get out of it. Depression is based on feelings of helplessness – among many other complex and related issues – so I am continuously working on understanding that, and making sure that I know I’m not helpless or powerless, and that everything in my life is within my control.

Many of our life’s events (if not all of them) are based on our choices. We choose to do things, or go places, and we become part of events that are a consequence of our actions. When you realise how much of your life is a result of the choices you make, then you realise you have all the power in the world. You control your actions, and as a result, you also control the consequences.

It’s very deep when you get into it, but that’s why I very rarely get depressed, and if I do, it very rarely lasts longer than a few days.

I’ve never had any drug or alcohol problems. The last time I got drunk was… gee, I think it might have been New Year’s Eve, 2007. That was a good night. 🙂

My ‘addiction’ is using the internet to learn, to enjoy myself, and to share what I learn with others through my writing, to try and help them get through their own issues that might be similar to my own.

If you suffer from depression, one of the things you should be aware of is that your mental state encourages you to be around others who share your mental state. That can be quite destructive, because if you’re trying to get away from a self-destructive state of mind, you first need to avoid other people who are like that too.

You have to find people who are positive, success-oriented, happy… so that the more time you spend with them, the more their attitudes rub off on you. The more time you spend with other depressed or otherwise mentally ill people, the more their attitudes rub off on you and your own depression gets reinforced by what you’re part of.

There’s nothing wrong with understanding you have a mental illness and calling it that. I’m often saying I have a mental illness (Aspergers Syndrome), but I don’t let it define me, or control me, or dictate my actions accordingly.

I’ve been out of work since October last year. I moved to Melbourne in March this year with my wife, so that we could start afresh with a new life. I’m developing a web design business while also looking for work here in Melbourne. I’m still doing whatever I can to keep myself busy and enjoying life, despite the challenges that we’re experiencing.

As soon as you give in to helplessness and powerlessness, you’re essentially throwing yourself off the cliff of despair, and I refuse to do that. If I’m not working, then I try to create work for myself with my web design business. We’re always in control of our lives and what we experience.

If you’re depressed because of your past, with whatever experiences you’ve had, you should know that your anger at your past is not helping you today. You need to find ways to move past it. Don’t let the past control you, especially your feelings about it. It doesn’t serve you well.

Lots of love and strength to you.

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