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Do you know what you want?

Like many people you might be drifting through life, doing what you think you should be doing, but deep down inside you know you’re not doing what you want to do. You’re not even sure if you KNOW what you want to do!

Inside of you there’s like to be a state of confusion about what you want. The confusion goes something like this:

“I want A. But these other people think that B, C and D would probably be best for me. They know me pretty well, so maybe I should listen to them. And then my work wants me to do E… They know me pretty well too. But now I’m not so sure if I want A, B, C, D or E. And then there’s this whisper of F over here by another of my friends…”

And by the time you get to F you’ve forgotten about A.

Here’s what you need to do to get past this confusion. You need to sit down with yourself, by yourself, and write down all the things that are important to you. Be honest with yourself – maybe for the first time in your life. Do it alone so that no one else can distract you or give you suggestions about what they think is good for you. Be honest with yourself in order to write down all the things that are important to YOU.

When you can work out what is important to you, you can then start working on a plan to bring those things into your life. And remember – you need to do this for yourself, not for anyone else. They’re not the ones living your life. They’re not the ones who are getting nowhere with their suggestions. You are. So start taking back control of your life.

You’ve been doing things other people want or suggest because you want to ‘fit in’ and be ‘liked’ or ‘appreciated’ or ‘respected’. But where has it gotten you? It’s gotten you nowhere, that’s where.

It’s time you started working on doing things differently. If the way you’ve been doing things – and the reasons why – hasn’t been working so far, then you need to start creating the discipline to do things differently.

Make the decision to start now.

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