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Making the Law of Attraction work for you

There’s a lot of stuff about the Law of Attraction and how it works, but there’s not a lot on how to make it work for YOU. You don’t need to know how electricity works in order to turn on the light; you just need to know that flicking the switch will result in the light going on. I hope that this article will do that for you too, where a switch is flicked and you see the light.

Unlike the light switch, however, the process of flicking your own switch to attract your desires into your life can be slightly more complicated. While this process involves understanding WHY it works, there’s no need to understand HOW it works, as the ‘how’ is literally up to the universe.

When you decide to do something, the first thing that happens is that a thought comes into your head. You might think that you want to go for a coffee at your local Starbucks. What happens in your mind is that you see the experience in your head. You can see the people that will be there, hear the sounds, feel yourself sitting in the seat, and enjoying the taste of the coffee that you drink while reading a book you wanted to catch up on. You are living that experience in your mind!

The next thing that happens is that you’ll head out of your house, jump into your car (or go for a walk) and end up at Starbucks. When you get there you’ll buy yourself a coffee, sit down and enjoy it, while looking at the people around you or read that book.

What just happened? The thoughts and feelings in your mind became a reality! What happens in your mind is the precursor to those things happening in your life.

Now, you can create on purpose or you can let it be created for you by default. Most people let their reality be created by default, because they don’t put any effort or control into it. They’re on ‘auto pilot’, letting reality be whatever it wants to be, because they believe they have no control over it.

When you create by default you avoid understanding how the power of your mind determines your reality. In the example above, you’ve used your mind to create a reality where you went to Starbucks and enjoyed a coffee and read a book. You could have instead created a reality where you stayed home and read the book there.

Your experiences begin as imagination, before they become real.

When you consider that your life is a result of your IMAGINED experiences, by failing to take responsibility for your thoughts and imagination, you also fail to take responsibility for your life. This is how you create by default.

To create on purpose involves making good choices about the kind of life you want. This is achieved by making those choices in your MIND first. You’ll need to understand the power that your thoughts have on how your reality is determined, and then you can purposefully create the experiences in your mind that you want in your life.

You can CHOOSE the experiences that you want to have.

As you see them in your mind, you also have to FEEL yourself experiencing them. You have to imagine what those experiences are going to be. The emotions, the pleasures, the wind rushing through your hair, and the feelings of enjoyment that you would have with those experiences.

When you can hold these things in your mind, these visions and feelings, then your life will move forward in a way that will make those experiences real.

That’s how you make the Law of Attraction work for you, by creating on purpose – choosing the experiences in your mind to bring them into your life.

To see how it works, you need to look at what you’re attracting to yourself right now. If you can only see hardship, suffering, anxiety, fear, anger, etc, then that’s all that you’re going to experience. When you are afraid of something, you’ll see more of it in your life than if you weren’t. It’s because you’re looking for it, and by looking for it, you’re creating it.

This happens with everything that’s on your mind. So to have different experiences, you just need to have different thoughts. That’s all!

It’s that simple. There’s nothing else you need to do!

* Visualise it.
* Feel it.
* Let it come to you.

Just like how you already do it with everything that’s been happening in your life so far. The only difference is that before, you didn’t know that what’s on your mind is what’s coming into your life.

I have a friend who has wanted to move forward in his career doing something that he’s good at. However, he’s unsure about what he really has a passion for. He knows that what he’s good at isn’t what he’s passionate about. As a result of holding onto the thoughts in his mind of continuing to do what he’s good at, even though he doesn’t really enjoy it, his life has moved forward in a way that gives him the opportunity to do more of what he’s good at. The only problem is that he can see he’s going to hate it!

What’s happened is that the universe has provided for him what he’s been asking for. The only thing is, he’s asking for the wrong things. He’s not asking the universe to provide what he really wants, because he doesn’t know what he really wants. So the universe is simply providing him what is on his mind.

This is the same for you. You’re getting what’s on your mind. Change your mind, and your focus, and your imaginations, and the universe, one way or another, will give you what’s on your mind.

Let me know how it works for you. I’d love to read your comments about what you’re attracting into your life by changing what you’re thinking. Share with us your successes.

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