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Fat and angry

I found a website during my travels yesterday that was written by a fat woman. I could tell because she said she was ‘fat’… anyway, she was talking about how she went to the supermarket to buy some food, and was browsing through all the fattening foods. Suddenly one of the supermarket attendants came over and stood next to her, talking about all the nutritional foods that were there, and offering information about nutritional values of the various foods. She told him to piss off, that she wasn’t interested in knowing about nutrition. He shrugged, and walked away.

She then spent the rest of her post ranting and raving about this man, and how evil and fracked up (my words) he was for daring to talk about nutritional values. She believed he was calling her fat, you see, and so he became the worst person in the world. In fact, he was so bad, that she spent a great deal of time expressing her absolute hatred and loathing of this individual, with ‘evil’ featuring heavily, along with ‘die’, and a few other choice words.

The amount of hatred in this post just made me close it and move on to somewhere else. It seemed to be to be the average reaction of a very large woman who hated herself so much, that her hatred was expressed to anyone or anything that pointed out to her how fat she was, and how much she hated it.

I felt it was very sad, but it wasn’t something I needed to read. I wonder how many others found her blog, and were appalled by the hatred she had for someone who was only trying to help and left it as quickly as they could…

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