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American lunacy

I know there’s a lot of nice people in America. Unfortunately, we don’t get to hear about many of them. They seemed to be outnumbered by the American idiots.

Ex-employee faces suit over file deletion – A man was sued by the company he used to work for, because he deleted documents during the course of his employment, and when the company was unable to get those specific documents back upon request, they had him charged under anti-hacking laws for ‘destruction of data’ and took him to court. Now, it seems completely obvious they were just trying to frack him over, just because they could. Who takes someone to court for deleting documents during the course of their work? Unbelievable. It gets worse though. The judges found him guilty under the anti-hacking laws, and disregarded his defence that the deleting of documents was valid during the course of his work. It was the judge’s beliefs that the company had the right to ownership of all material – including deleted material – and if the man couldn’t provide it to them, then he was committing a crime.

This has now set a precedent that deleting documents from your work computer could very well be illegal, and turn you into a hacker who destroys data.

Almost every day I hear something idiotic that an American – or group of Americans – do. Now it’s obvious that American lawmakers are idiots too.

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