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Goodbye friend

An old friend of mine, who, for the time being, shall remain nameless, has been 'dumped' by me today. They're not my friend any more.

This is the culmination of quite a few years of knowing them, arguing with them, being frustrated by them. They're arrogant, ignorant and many other things, and yet I continued calling them my 'friend'. But not any more.

I was discussing with them what I had written previously today, about the police being allowed to shoot to kill if they suspected someone could be a terrorist. He stated his belief that it was a good thing, and that the world would be a much safer place if terrorists know that they could be executed outright, before being able to fulfil their mission. It was his opinion that a few innocent lives lost was worth it, to save others. It was also his opinion that the Brazilian in London deserved to be executed because he ran from the police.

His idiocy and ignorance and absolute lunacy were outside of anything I had ever experienced from him before. Usually I rant and rave with him about what I think of his argument or point of view, but years of this bullshit got the better of me.

I just told him "bye" and nothing else. I no longer have the time for him, and definitely not the interest in continuing our friendship.

It was never a friendship either. All he did was argue all the time, always trying to make it seem as if only he knew what was going on about something, and that he was an authority on every subject under the sun. Over the years he considered himself as knowledgeable as doctors, psychologists, policement, journalists, diplomats, etc etc. Wherever something arose in conversation, regardless of what it was, he was the leading authority on that subject in the southern hemisphere.

Well fuck you, you loser. I've put up with your bullshit for far too long, and I'm just not interested any more.

When you say killing innocent people is worth the 'safety' of combating so-called terrorists, and when you say this particular Brazilian deserved to be executed because he shouldn't have run, then you show yourself to be part of the problem that has made the world the way it is today.

And I'm not interested in having those types of people in my life. Goodbye 'friend'.

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