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An interesting day

What an interesting day I had yesterday.

First, I bid goodbye to a friend. I'll talk a bit more about that a bit later.

Second, while I was waiting to catch a bus after work, to go pick up my car where I'd parked it on the way to work in the morning, I witnessed a shoplifter being confronted by a security guard, literally about 4-5 feet from where I was standing, and they argued briefly before the shoplifter, some kid around 15, took off running, with two security guards chasing after him through the crowd of people on their way home or waiting for buses. I purposefully missed my bus just so I could see if they caught him. They did. He didn't look happy as they led him back into the department store he had evidently stolen some boxers from. Idiot.

Third, after picking up the car and driving back into town to meet Deidre, we had dinner with Darren and his partner Eric (names changed for reasons of privacy), friends of Deidre's, and some other friends of Darren's. That was fun, and Eric was a laugh. He's the manager of a 'day spa', and offered to give Deidre and I 20% off a shared massage, where we're both in the room together getting massages. Sounds like fun!

Fourth, Eric offered to introduce us to a hot chick he knows, who's looking for friends or something more. That was a funny part of the night, 'cause he was wondering if I knew anyone I could set her up with. I said, "Hello! What about me!" It was funny 'cause he thought I was joking and so continued on the joke for a little while, and every time I tried to reassure him I was serious, he kept on thinking I was joking. Until both Deidre and I told him we were 'open' with our honesty and interest, and while we hadn't reached that point where we were actually having an open relationship, we were both open to possibilities. He thought that was great.

Anyway, we got home around 10:30pm, 'cause I was knackered from a long day, and went straight to bed. I'm now about to go out to take some photos of Deidre playing netball, and then after that I'm going into work for an hour, to learn how to do some server restarts, etc. Oh, and then at 5:30, we're having a spa and then watching a video this evening on Kama Sutra. Should be an interesting night…

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