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Happy birthday to me!

Today was my birthday. 29th November. I'm 39 now… Yuk.

What WASN'T yuk was the day. I had the best birth day of my life! You're probably wondering how. It's so good that I'm going to tell you. *grin*

1) I had the day off today so I took Deidre into work this morning at around 8am. Her car was in for repairs, so that's why I drove her into work. I also drove her into work so that I could go to Starbucks.

2) I was at Starbucks from 8:30am through to 4:30pm, with a lunch break with Deidre in between. Now THAT was fantastic! Being there all day, with no real distractions, enjoying the atmosphere and the time to do NOTHING! Well, by 'nothing' I mean 'time to do what I haven't done yet, but have always been meaning to do'. And that's create the photo album to give to my parents for xmas, which I talked about in this post called My life in photos.

3) After meeting up with Deidre again at 4:30pm, she took me to my birthday present. There's no way to do it justice with words, so I'll do it justice with photos instead.

And this is Deidre looking very pleased with herself, and as happy as I was, that she had bought me a gift that I hadn't expected, and loved so much!

Thank you Deidre. You are so the best thing to have come into my life, and I'm so very happy that I'm the best thing to come into yours. *hugs*

Merry christmas everyone! I already have my xmas present under the tree. *smile*

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