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‘All men are paedophiles’

Qantas and Air New Zealand, two 'local' airlines, have introduced a new 'no men near children' policy. If any unaccompanied child is seated next to a man, the man is forced to move seats.

1) Why shouldn't the child be forced to move seats? Hell, the man was there first! Why can't they seat the child somewhere else?

2) Since when was it decided that all men are paedophiles, and untrustworthy sitting next to unaccompanied children? Obviously since now.

3) Can someone tell me the difference between this kind of blatant and disgusting discrimination, and the discrimination once meted out to black people (still is in some places)? "I'm sorry – no, I take that back, I'm not sorry, you scumbag – you're not allowed to sit next to this (white) person. Get to the back of the plane, or we'll throw you off."

This is another example of stupid fracked-up political correctness that has absolutely no place in modern society. As so rightly pointed out in the linked article above: "It's insane. It's political correctness and cautiousness gone mad."

People should be arrested for the crimes they commit. Until they commit a crime, they should not be treated as if they are criminals. This is placing all men in the categories of 'criminal' and 'paedophile'.

I really wish that an unaccompanied child is seated next to me on a plane when I go over to Australia. I'll tell them to go to hell. Their 'policy' is illegal, discriminatory, and unethical. And if they insist, I'll start raising my voice. I'll make it so embarrassing for them, that they'll have to move the child somewhere else.

Frack 'em.

However, I might consider offering them the opportunity of upgrading me to business class and refunding my airfare for the major inconvenience they've caused me. 🙂

UPDATE: it seems that this policy has been in place for a number of years now.

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