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Happy Easter!

I hope that the easter bunny brings you lots of eggs and chocolates and good things!  Unless, of course, you're of a religion or country that doesn't have easter.  Instead, I just wish you a good weekend.

Sorry about it being 'so long' since my last update.  I've been 'too busy' to actually write about things in here – especially things I've already written.  I don't like sounding like a broken record or anything, so I'm not talking too much about how I feel about Deidre, and how things are going there.  But just to reassure you, in case you need reassuring, things are going splendiferously.  (Yes, I checked – splendiferious is actually a real world!)

Every relationship I've had in the past has had some kind of problem with it, something that's prevented it from being all that it could be.  For the first time in my life, it's different.

Estera – always said it wouldn't last
Darlene – was reserved due to the distance and different goals in life
Michelle – had a mental illness which had a side effect of her wanting to control the relationship
Kylie – she was only using me to move away from where she was
Wakana – I was the one who was distant and unavailable
Nicola – I didn't have enough money for her
Penny – we had different goals in life
Swee – she wasn't ready for a relationship, or at least not with me

Deidre – for the first time ever, I'm with a woman who loves me, is committed to me, shows it to me every single day, has moved in with me, and is planning the rest of her life with me.  And along the way, everything feels just great!   There's no hesitations, there's no niggling little fears or concerns.  There's just the relaxed happiness of moving forward with each other.

I often asked my friends in the past what I should do about things, with whomever I was seeing.  I'd ask for their advice, seek reassurance about what is or isn't good, and so on.  This was ultimately a sign of my own uncertainty about it.  I kept on looking for reassurance outside of myself about whether moving forward with them was right for me. 

I've never felt the need to ask for someone else's advice about Deidre.  Everything that's happened has been easy and rewarding.  There's been no uncertainty, or hesitation.  There's just been a feeling of it being right.

Apparently she feels the same way.



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