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My next holiday… and other things

Deidre and I are going to Taupo and Hawkes Bay on the 23rd April for a holiday.  She wanted to go to Taupo, and I wanted to go to Hawkes Bay again, so we're doing both.  I think it's going to be fun!  Two nights in Taupo, and one night in Hawkes Bay.  It'll be our first holiday together, and while it's not very long, we're both looking forward to it.   

I might be going to Auckland soon, to help with the implementation of another new client that the company has.  More information as it comes to light.  My manager's mentioned it twice now, so I imagine it's getting closer.

Deidre is looking for another IT support company for her employers, and if they're interested, I'm going to arrange for a salesperson to do a presentation on what Computerland can offer them for their IT support needs.  If it goes ahead, it might be a good opportunity for me to get them as another client I look after with the service deliver management role.

I've been trying for a month now to get my old laptop networked with my new laptop at home, so that they can see each other and files can be transferred between them, and so that they can both get internet access through the one laptop that's using the internet connection (which would be shared out to the other one).  I couldn't get it to work, and no matter what I tried, internet wouldn't work but everything else would.  Then I discovered on the weekend just gone that a computer that's enabled for a corporate domain won't allow a non-domain computer to access it.  I realised this is what was happening.  While I could see the non-domain (workgroup) laptop in order to do file sharing, the workgroup laptop couldn't see the domain laptop (which is the work laptop).  So I swapped them around.  The work laptop was being used as the 'server', that provided the internet connection and shared it.  I swapped it around so that the workgroup laptop was connected to the internet and shared it out to the domain laptop.

Worked perfectly.  If I'd only known this a bloody month ago, I would have saved myself a heck of a lot of frustration over the past 4 weeks, as I was doing lots of research and troubleshooting, trying to get the damned things working.

Funnily enough, I had an idea 3 weeks ago to just swap them around and see what happens, but I never carried through on the idea.  Foolish me.

Anyway, Deidre's happy now, 'cause we've now got His And Hers laptops.  Hehehe.  She can do whatever she wants or needs to do on the old laptop, while I do the same thing on my own.  And we're both happy little geeks.


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