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Holiday – Day 3

What a full, interesting and enjoyable day. But first, let me show you this…

That’s me, looking very grumpy. Well, wouldn’t you be grumpy if you were wearing a pair of reindeer horns? Luckily, after she had placed them on me and taken a photo, she took pity on me and I was able to take them off again straight away. Phew! We then went across to a neighbourhood party in the middle of the neighbourhood, on this small park. I had a good night, bbq’ing sausages, eating them and drinking lots of beer. Great!

Today, we went into the city. I took a photo of the old hotel on Hindley St that I and my family stayed at when I was a kid, that I talked about yesterday.

Then we went for a walk up Rundle Mall, and I took a photo of these pig statues.

While there, I saw a tv cameraman, and had to take a photo just to show you. This is what I used to do back in the late 80’s, this exact thing.

Then I caught up with my brothers. Boy oh boy. Stephen, on the left in the photo below, has certainly changed most of all. Phillip, on the other hand, on the right, hasn’t changed at all. It was great catching up with them after so long. I discovered that Phillip is blind in his right eye and shortsighted in his left eye, and the reason the two of them live together is because Stephen looks after him. In a way, Stephen is Phillip’s caregiver. I was impressed.

After lunch, as we were walking up Rundle Mall again, there was a mime artist standing completely still, waiting for people to put enough money in his hat to do an act. However, while we were there, people were putting money in the hat and while he bowed to them, he returned to that frozen state again. Obviously asking a lot for his act, we moved on in our own form of protest at having our time wasted.

Dinner tonight was with my old friends Simon and Ben. It was, as I expected, a night of hilarity as we caught up with each other and exchanged memories of our times roleplaying, and glimpses of our lives over the past decade. It ended all too soon, and we had to leave them after four hours.

Time for bed now. Deidre and I are off to Berri tomorrow to visit my parents.

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