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Holiday – Day 5

Right, I’m back from Berri now, and what an interesting journey it was. As we were leaving Adelaide, I stopped at the River Torrens in the city, and took a picture of this rotunda and a church in the background.

On the way to Berri we found some interesting scenery. The first of these photos shows the road stretching ahead of us, disappearing into the distance…

Here’s a picture of the River Murray.

Another photo of the Rivery Murray, showing a dead bunch of trees in the middle of the river.

Deidre and our hire car, parked in front of the river.

Then we arrived at Berri, and after checking in at the hotel we went to my parent’s place. It was good seeing them. They hadn’t changed much, except for getting older.

We went for a drive in the afternoon, as I wanted to show Deidre some of the sights of Berri, where I used to hang out, worked, lived, etc. This is an ‘adventure playground’ in a nearby town called Monash. It used to be a lot more adventurous than what it is no. Seems that there were too many stupid people who got hurt on the equipment, so they took a lot of it away.

Probably this maze was the most adventurous thing there.

This was a flying fox I went on. Let it be said that I was more adventurous than Deidre. 🙂

We dropped my parents off at home and then went back to the hotel to get ready for dinnner. First, we thought we’d drop in at the pool that was there, where Deidre had a swim and I stuck my legs in. I can’t swim, you see, so it’s just a passive enjoyment for me.

Deidre and I, ready to go pick up my parents and take them out to dinner.

The four of us at dinner. It was our treat, taking them out to dinner. I think they had a great time. 🙂

On the way to dropping them off at home, we stopped and I got a sunset shot over the river.

On the way back to Adelaide today, I got a photo of the same area as the 2nd photo above, but from a lookout instead of from over the steering wheel.

It’s good to be back in Adelaide now, where I can rest. We did about 700km (438 miles) over the past couple of days, and now I can relax again. I’m just about to write about my parents, which you can read in the next post.

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