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How has the law of attraction worked for you?

Good question! For me it really started last year after I saw The Secret, and I started to change my attitudes and beliefs. It was certainly a conscious decision to change, but an unconscious change was the result.

In November 2006 Deidre and I decided to move back to Australia by February – we gave ourselves 10 weeks. Within the next month a restructure occurred at work, and I engineered a redundancy package. (I think I was one of the first to manage this, and it started a ball rolling for others to take advantage of.) The redundancy payout occurred one month before we left the country. Over the period of December / January, we managed to pull together $30,000 which was just amazing considering we started with practically nothing in the bank account…

We arrived in Australia, stressed out to the max because of what we’d done to get there, but successful in our plans. Within 10 weeks we had made a decision to change our lives and, come what may, we were going to do it. We did. Things happened around us and within us to make it happen, including my friend Mel’s parents going away at the right time and letting us housesit for a couple months. This was the single biggest thing that helped us, as we didn’t have to pay normal rent (only so much per week for expenses), and we had a couple of months of accommodation while we looked for our own place to live and somewhere to work.

Before we arrived in Australia we had decided that we were going to live the good life. We weren’t going to settle for second best, as we’ve ‘been there done that’. Once we arrived we bought a reasonably nice car with some of the money we had raised for our entry into Australia, and Deidre found work within 2 weeks that paid her 25% more than she’d ever earnt in her life. It took me 7 weeks to find something, but that paid 120% more than anything I’d ever earnt…

Mel’s parents gave us 2 weeks notice over Easter that they were coming back to Canberra and wanted their house back. Deidre stressed out, but we visualised the house we wanted and found one that fit everything we asked for within a week. We also managed to bypass the issues everyone else in Canberra was having, which was that there just wasn’t enough accommodation to go around, and there were occasions where real estate agents were auctioning off rental properties to the highest bidders…. we didn’t have any of that.

Our income allowed us to start gathering together the things that we wanted, in accordance with the lifestyle of our choice. We were unable to get credit due to not having a credit history (Deidre’s new and I’d been out of the country too long). We’ve been using cash to buy brand new furniture to set ourselves up with, and slowly developing a credit rating with Radio Rentals. It was funny actually. They were doing a special only for a month where they did rental agreements without any credit checks. We just needed to provide 5 referees, which we did. So that began our credit history.

My involvement with a salary management company and the level of my income allowed me to obtain a leasing agreement for a brand new car. This added to my credit rating. With our income and newly established credit rating, we were just recently approved for a personal loan that will allow us to finalise the furniture we need, and pay off our remaining debts in New Zealand so that we can consolidate everything within Australia.

For the first time in my entire life, my net worth is in the positive, with my assets exceeding liability. As of this week I’ve found that I’m also eligible for a house mortgage up to $800,000 – and that’s taking into account the debts we currently have.

We’ve been here for 7 months. We’ve gone from zero to oh.my.god.everything’s.so.freakin.different! over that period of time. We have high hopes of what we want to do and where we want to go, and we can see we’re doing it and getting there.

This is all because of the law of attraction. I’ve been deciding what I want, and it’s come true. Hoping, wishing, praying – they don’t cut it. Deciding is what does it. Seeing it in your mind. Living it. Believing it. Knowing it. That’s what makes it.

So that’s how the law of attraction has worked for me, since I started working it.

How has it worked for you?

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