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Using RSS to subscribe to my categories

This is Part 2. Part 1 is here: Easily subscribe to blogs.

When I write a post I categorise it according to the type of content. To the far left you can see the ‘Browse by Category’ section. When you click on a category, a list of recent posts within that categorisation is listed in the centre column. This allows you to click on a listed title and the content of the post is instantly displayed in the main white column.

This method allows you to scroll through the posts according to the category of your interest.

What about if you want to subscribe to the blog, but only have to read certain categories? What if you only want to read all about me and my life, but you don’t want to read any of the posts concerning Humour, or Law of Attraction, or Web 2.0?

Simple answer is that you can subscribe to the category instead of the entire blog.

When you click on a category title in the Browse By Category section, you’ll notice the list of posts appear within that category. Underneath the heading (Posts Labelled ‘”[category name]”) you’ll see an orange RSS icon next to ‘Subscribe to Category’.

If you’ve followed the instructions in Part 1 of this series, or if you’ve got your RSS reader previously set up in your browser, then clicking on the link to Subscribe to Category will take you to your RSS reader’s page where you can add that subscription to your other RSS feeds.

After doing this, every time you go to your RSS reader you will see new posts only if they are are published according to the categories you’ve subscribed to.

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