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How to see ‘Online Contacts’ in Skype for Linux

Once I started using Skype for Linux tonight I had trouble working out how to view only my Online Contacts. It was showing all contacts by default, with online contacts at the top of the list, but no apparent way to show only those online contacts.


I like things being tidy. Minimalist. And so I needed to fix this.

However, after searching on the internet I discovered that there’s no information out there about how to do it!

Amazing. Not even on Skype’s website, and no one seemed to know how to do it in their support pages either.

So I did some exploring into the various functions of the software itself, and I found out how to show the Online Contacts. Hopefully you’ll find this helpful.

Clicking on the blue S at bottom-left of the application will open up the Skype menu:


Click on Show Contact Groups.

Voila! Your display will change from showing all contacts to showing all your groups, one of which is Online Contacts.


If you go back to the Skype Menu – Contact Groups, you’ll see some NEW menus that you can pop out and select.


You can see that all the ticked groups equate to the same groups that are visible in the application. So untick all the ones you don’t want to see (by clicking them one at a time), so that you’re left with ‘All Contacts’ and ‘Online Contacts’.


You’re welcome.

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