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Why are Indigo Adults on this planet?

There’s a lot of people who have discovered they are or might be an ‘Indigo Adult’, and they’re looking for answers. A lot of them have stumbled on my blog, in particular my post Are you an Indigo Adult?Then they contact me, wanting to connect with someone who is just like them.

Indigo Adults feel alone and confused. No one understands them, and they don’t know what they’re supposed to do with their life. They’ve heard or read that being an Indigo Adult means they’re supposed to help people with the transition to an Age of Enlightenment. Or something like that.

No one really knows, but one thing is clear – all Indigo Adults have gone through traumatic childhoods, and have come through it with spiritual awareness and experiences that help them see the truth in people and in reality around them.

My own feeling is that we’re here to simply help other people get through their own pain and trauma. We know what it’s like, we’ve been there ourselves.

Whether we’re here to help people as a whole through a global spiritual awakening, or just here to help people individually through their own traumas, I don’t think it really matters.

We have a strong feeling that we’re here to help others. And so we should focus everything we can on our own growth in ways that are important to us individually, so that we can help people with our own special skills and talents, whatever they might be.

My talent is writing. My desire is to help people make better choices in their lives so that they can make better lives for themselves. I’m working on improving my writing and getting my messages out to as many people as I can.

If you’re an Indigo Adult, what’s your talent? What do you absolutely love doing and dream about, that you could use to help other people through their own pain and trauma?

Work that out, and you’ll be able to find your purpose in your life.

I wrote the below in 2012 on Google+, but I think it’s relevant to this post, so I thought I’d reprint it:

Many Indigos are here to help others. That’s the common theme amongst us all as to why we’re here. But to help others we’ve had to go through a lot of pain and terrible experiences of our own, so that we can truly empathise with those we’re here to help.

You might be sensitive to people’s feelings or emotions. You might be psychic, and you might even be a healer.

Or maybe you haven’t worked that out yet, and you’re still searching for your special gift. Just think about how you’ve helped people in the past and accept that as the starting point for your path of discovering your gifts. (My gift is writing, and helping people with my words. I’m working on getting better at it.)

Don’t be afraid to talk to people, to share your feelings and insights. You’ll meet the ones that you need in your life to help you develop your gifts, and who will need your help.

Have faith that you’ll receive everything you need in your life to help you move forward on the path that you were meant for.

If you don’t know why you’re here yet, you soon will.

‘Seek, and you shall find.’

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