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I see stupid people

We see them all around us, stupid people doing stupid things. I’ve decided to write a list of the stupid things that I’ve seen people do, and as I see more stupid people doing stupid things, I’ll update this list. If you have examples of some really stupid things that you’ve seen people do, please tell me about them in the comments. We’ll have my list, and we’ll have your list (the readers of this blog).

  • I saw a man putting petrol in his car at a service station. While holding the pump with one hand, he had a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, and was talking to someone on his cellphone.
  • A man stopped in a roundabout in front of me while driving, so that he could give way to his left (you give way to the right in Australia, not the left). He drove a Volvo.
  • I was in the right-hand lane in a 2-lane freeway, slowly overtaking someone while about 3 car lengths behind a truck, that was going at the same speed as me. Someone screamed up behind me, flashed his lights that he wanted to get past, so I pulled over. He sped past me and then slammed on the brakes as he almost hit the back of the truck in front of him. I guess speeding to get 20 feet in front of me was pretty important to him.

More coming soon as I update this. Isn’t it interesting that we see so many stupid people behind the steering wheel of cars.

What about you? Do you have any stories of stupid people that you’ve seen?

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