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I’m going to Melbourne this Friday


I’m driving down to Melbourne this Friday to start physically looking for a house for Fanfan and I to live in. I’ll be attending open homes and applying for the ones that I think will be suitable for us.

I’ll be staying there until I find us a place, and then come back to Canberra.

Our departure date from Canberra is the 25th March. Well, for me it’s the 25th. Fanfan has some work that will keep her here until the 29th, when she’ll drive down to Melbourne and join me in our new house. Whatever it might be.

Hopefully it’ll be near the beach. Fanfan is a bit of a beach baby, and she loves the beach, so that’s up the top of the list of considerations when looking for a house. And it’ll be the south-eastern area of Melbourne, which is a nice area and where Fanfan used to live before she moved up to be with me in Canberra.

I booked a room with someone on airbnb.com.au tonight. I’ll be staying with them for 4 nights, but I confirmed with them that they’re available beyond that, just in case I can’t actually secure a house this weekend.

Between you and me, I’ll be trying my damnedest to get a place that will suit us. I’d rather not be down there any longer than I need to be.

Time is passing, and the moment is getting closer. It’s very exciting!

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