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I’ve been busy


I should apologise, to you and to myself. I haven’t been keeping up with my daily posts of 500 words. I’ve been focused on my web design website and the work I’m setting up for myself with that.

Over the weekend I spent a lot of time working on some documents that I’ll be using for the business –  Proposal document, and a Contract. Both of them are going to be very important for generating business with a client, and then locking in a commitment from the client.

Not to mention the work I’ve already started doing for the client I already have.

And planning a move to Melbourne.

And fine-tuning my web design business website. And advertising it on Facebook (more about that shortly).

It’s been very exciting, but most of my waking hours have been in front of the computer setting myself up as best I can with my business. It’s not something I’ve found annoying or tedious in any way. It’s been awesome.

Now, about Facebook….

I wanted to try an experiment, just to see what would happen. I purchased a promotion of my new Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/webdesign4you.biz) to get about 4-18 ‘Likes’ per day. After 4 days so far, I’ve had it exposed to almost 6,000 people on Facebook in various countries and received 49 Likes so far from people who aren’t my friends (12 of my friends have Liked the page). It’s been about 11-12 Likes per day on average, which is ok.

But from that exposure and those Likes, no one has contacted me for web design services. I’m doing this particular promotion for 7 days at $6 a day. If only one person contacts me to get me to design a website for them, then the promotion will be worth it and I’ll continue it. But if no one contacts me, then the promotion will be useless and I’ll discontinue it after 7 days.

I decided to do another experiment. A couple of days ago I made a post on the Page about how anyone contacting me from Facebook for any web design services would receive 12 months of FREE web hosting!

That’s a pretty good deal.

I had about 50 Likes at the time, but after 24 hours, Facebook had only shown that post to 7 of those people who had Liked the page. So I spent $5 to promote the post to all of them plus a few thousand people in various countries.

It’s been 24 hours later, and almost 10,000 people have seen that post offering them something free. You’d think at least 1 person might be interested enough to contact me to discuss what I could do for them, right?

From that promotion I’ve had only 2 people Like the post, and 2 people clicked on my photo. From 10,000 views.

That’s pretty amazing. From this exhaustive and conclusive experimentation, I’ve determined that advertising on Facebook is likely to be a waste of time and money. But I’m sure Facebook will reap wonderful rewards for it.

I think I’ll be sourcing other avenues of promotion.

I’ll continue using the Facebook page to promote my business there, because it’s an avenue of exposure that I think may be good for me in the short term, even if it’s just to get more people Liking it and seeing what I’m promoting. I’ll probably do a weekly campaign once a month to generate increased exposure, but I won’t be expecting clients from it.

Of course, if I do get a client from it, I’ll eat my hat enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee as my reward for a positive and rewarding marketing campaign!

And I’ve managed to write 597 words tonight. Woohoo!

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