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I’m off to Bali tomorrow

Bali-beachI’m very excited to be off to Bali tomorrow for a week’s holiday, something I’ve been looking forward to for a couple months now. We’re going to be taking only carry-on bags, so we’ll be doing the minimalist approach. Only the bare essentials, which naturally have to include my smartphone (for photos and internet access so I can share them out to the world), my laptop (for writing about the adventures I’m having on my holiday), and power cables. What else would I need?

Well, I guess the other bare essentials too… light clothing and underwear, and basic toiletries. What we don’t take with us, we can buy over there. Or use what the hotel supplies.

Speaking of hotel, this is a photo of the hotel we’ll be staying at.


Naturally there’ll be a few more photos coming – once I’m there!

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