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4 Reasons why you should NOT quit Facebook

White thumb up next to the like from social networks on blue bacBack in December 2013, I wrote about how I was taking a sabbatical from Facebook, followed a week later by 6 reasons why you should quit Facebook too. My sabbatical only lasted about 6 weeks before I returned to it.

The truth was, even though my life got on fine without Facebook, I felt like a big part of the social element of my life had significantly disappeared.

Social media – especially Facebook – has become part of our lives. It’s part of life in the modern world. Where sending letters by mail or picking up the phone and calling people used to be how it was done 10-20 years ago (and further back), now a significant part of our communication with friends and family is all on Facebook.

People share photos or articles or updates that reflect something of interest or of importance or meaingful to them. And if you’re not on Facebook, you miss out on being part of what’s important to your friends or family.

I ended up deciding that I enjoyed being part of this new way of socialising. Taking a sabbatical from Facebook just helped me realise how important it had become to being part of a connected group of people whose lives and interests I cared about. And some of whom cared about my own life and interests.

So here’s a few reasons why YOU should not quite Facebook either.  🙂

  1. Customisable news feed – you can Like your favourite news pages, or pages for information, entertainment, technology, sport, etc. You can view only the stuff that interests you, and easily share it to your friends. Breaking news stories, local events, things that are trending, etc. You can encourage discussions around common interests with those that feel like adding their comments.
  2. Sharing pictures – if you enjoy taking photos, you can easily share them with your Facebook friends. People love seeing photos that other people take. Their feedback might even help you improve your photography skills. You can share food photos, lifestyle photos, family photos – whatever the hell you like. Some of your friends will like what you do, and encourage you to do more. You might enjoy it so much, it becomes your life!
  3. Keep in touch with distant friends – back in the 90’s if you wanted to share photos with interstate or overseas friends or family, you’d have to send them by mail. And I’m not talking about Email. Today, you can keep up with what’s happening in the lives of everyone that you know, if you want to. You can share items of interest, photos, even chat with them in real time. Staying connected is easier than ever.
  4. Business pages – with over 800 million active users, it would be foolish to ignore that kind of market. Even if Facebook only shows 10-20% of your business followers what you share (you can pay Facebook to increase that number), that can often be enough to bring in a few more sales and make it worthwhile.

If you have any other reasons why you can’t quit Facebook, please add them in the comments below.

Thanks for reading! Please add your own thoughts below.

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