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I’m on the road again…

Well, not exactly on the road, but more like in the air!

I love airports. I'm sitting in the Wellington airport right now, at almost 8:30am, waiting to jump onto a plane to New Plymouth. I love aiports because of the variety of people you get to see. Some nervous, some relaxed, some excited, happy, sad… all kinds of emotions are playing out on the faces the people around me. Most of them, at this time, are travelling for work purposes, just like me.

I'm going to New Plymouth to do a client implementation process for the same client I went to Christchurch for in December last year, but to implement a new branch.

Some of the people around me are damn sexy! Ahem. Sorry, got a bit distracted there.

One of the highlights of New Plymouth is Mt Taranaki, a Mt Fuji lookalike. When I was there last year with Mel, it was covered in clouds and I was unable to get any decent photos. I'm hoping I can get some photos this time around, but the weather report said it'll be cloudy. Damn. Well, hopefully God will be smiling down today and I might just get some photos.

Would you believe there's no easily accessible wireless here at the airport? Bastards.

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