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On the way home…

I'm sitting here in the New Plymouth airport now, after a full day of doing a bit of client implementation. Now we're (work colleague and I) are sitting here waiting for our flight to board. The plane hasn't even arrived yet, and we're due to board in maybe 20 minutes. The airport here is quite small. Only propellor planes come here. We came here this morning via a direct flight, but there's no direct flights back to Wellington, so we're flying to Auckland where we'll jump into a 737 (yay!) for the flight back to Wellington. If you're in America, for example, that's like flying from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, in order to get to San Francisco. Yes, stupid. But hey, this is New Zealand, where things like this don't make much sense. One of the clients today was saying that it costs them $300 to go to a town to another town here in the North Island (I can't remember which one), but only $140 to go to Australia. Go figure…

I won't have time to write anything else between here and home, 'cause if the flight is on time there will only be 20 mins in Auckland to board the next flight. That's if it's on time. If it's actually late, it's possible I might be in Auckland until I can get on another flight… Oh well. Life is an adventure!

But realistically, I'm sure I'll be home by 9pm, as planned. Damn, I just realised I forgot to have something to eat earlier. My colleague and I, after finishing work, went into New Plymouth itself and hung out at… Starbucks… for a while. For me, a nice change from… Wellington's Starbucks. *grin*

I was very happy this morning, 'cause I got some photos of Mt Taranaki, the Mt Fuji lookalike. Yay! And another couple this afternoon, albeit with some cool looking clouds gathered around the peak. I'll be placing various photos into some more photo blog entries shortly. I hope you enjoy them.

With Mt Taranaki, it's fantastic to finally get to see – and take photos of – something that I so sorely missed out on when Mel and I were here in March last year. I can rest a bit easier now.

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