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Labeling makes things easier for me

I’ve known all my life there’s something different about me, that I could never put my finger on. It inspired my constant search for personal growth, and for an understanding of the human psyche so that I could understand myself more.

But I also knew that formal study was something that didn’t work with me, based on my school years. When forced to study according to an agenda I had no say in or no interest in, my aptitude was considerably lacking.

I learned in the years following high school that my ability to learn was enhanced only if I had passionate interest in it. If I had no interest in it, I wasn’t able to find any enthusiasm, interest or success in trying to study it.

This resulted in me exploring only the things I was interested in, which meant I never pursued any formal studies like psychology, etc, because they would have components that I have zero interest in, therefore my ability to achieve a high overall score would be diminished. So any ‘study’ I’ve done over the years has simply focused only on those ‘components’ that have greatly interested me at the time.

Finding labels along the way has helped me focus my attention on areas that interested me. They allowed me to focus. I need that kind of focus on something in order to achieve some level of mastery of it. Hence my attraction for labels over the years as a focusing method.

In my case, the labels that have helped me focus have included most of what you can see in the list of Topics above. Assigning categories or labels to things helps me make sense of them, helps me integrate them into who I am.

Now that I’ve found I’ve got Aspergers (yes, another label), it makes a lot more sense to me.

And I’m comfortable with that.

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