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More on the glasses

Alan_glassesSo I went for my eye test on Friday last week, and found that I’m longsighted, which means I have great long vision (20/15), but crap short vision (I don’t know what the visual acuity reading is for my short-range vision… I’ll have to find out, I think).  I got tested for glasses, using different lenses to determine the best type for me.

<— I got the glasses yesterday and they’re supposed to aid me with reading and computer use, but there’s a bit of a problem.  They only work within about a foot range of my eyes, and anything outside that range is blurry.  Great if I sat about a foot away from the screen, but instead I sit about 2 feet from the screen.

Doesn’t seem like much, but in terms of trying to get the glasses to work, it causes major eye strain. So I rang the optometrist and have to go back in for a re-testing.  I’ll do that this afternoon on the way home from work.

My computer use is so much clearer with the glasses though…  but I have to be almost right on the screen for them to work. I wonder if they can extend the range of the glasses so that everything within 3 feet is clear, rather than just 1 foot.

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