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The echoes of your mind


When you’re interested in something, say a new car, you’ll see more of that car on the road than you ever saw before. Did you manifest them into being? No.

What happens is that your mind is aligned to something that it wasn’t aligned to before. As such, when it comes into your sphere of awareness, you become aware of it, because that’s what’s on your mind and you see it around you. You’ll take advantage of new opportunities to drive it, learn about it, talk to others about it, and maybe even eventually buy it.

What’s on your mind becomes real. You attract things to you that echo what you want inside of you.

The same is true for everything. If you want a new tv, you’ll see ads for them that weren’t there before (you’re sure of it!). You’ll talk about tv’s with others, and you’ll get advice and information about which tv to buy. You’ll see tv’s in stores as you walk by, and you’ll swear that they didn’t have so many tv’s when you weren’t interested. Eventually you’ll buy a tv that echoes what is in your mind.

Take it a step further.

Let’s say that in your mind you don’t believe you’re worthy of attention. In your mind, you believed your abusive parents when they told you that you were ‘good for nothing’, and that ‘nothing good will ever happen to you’. So in your mind, you believe only bad things will happen. You imagine bad things happening to you, the same as someone else imagines themselves in a new car. You see bad things happen to others, because these things are in alignment with what’s in your mind – you see what you’re looking for, and if you’re looking for horror and misery, that’s what you’ll see. You ‘take advantage’ of opportunities that reflect your inner reality, because everyone wants justification for their way of thinking, and by seeking out those bad experiences it only justifies and reinforces the inner belief that that’s all you deserve in your life.

Let’s look at it from the opposite point of view, from someone that was encouraged from a young age to believe in themselves, to feel worthy of attention, admiration and success. These things are in their mind, so that’s what happens in their life – attention, admiration and success. Opportunities arise that echoes their mind and their beliefs, and things are manifested in their life that results from these beliefs – high-paying jobs, money to buy houses and cars, opportunities for travel and recognition…. all because of what’s in their mind.

That’s what the Law Of Attraction (LOA) is all about. You attract a reality that is based on what you believe you deserve.

If you want to change your life, you have to change what’s going on in your mind, in your inner reality. You can’t change your outer reality without first changing that inner reality.

No one can be successful if they don’t believe they are in their mind and heart. No one can be downtrodden and miserable if they believe in themselves that they’re successful and happy.

The LOA is not about “I want a new tv – oh look! Now I have one!” That’s stupidity, and if you firmly believe that’s what it’s about, then you’ve misinterpreted it, misunderstood it, or you just don’t want to believe it. You reject it for your own reasons, and most of these reasons are likely to revolve around “I don’t want to be responsible for what happens in my life!”

Here’s another aspect of it… those who believe in the LOA will find evidence and results of what they believe, while those who don’t believe in the LOA will also find evidence and results of what they believe.

Your life is a reflection of your beliefs. If you want a different life, then you have to create different beliefs. That’s what the LOA is all about.

My own life has changed because I follow the LOA and I believe in it. It works for me.

If you think it doesn’t exist at all, that it’s a load of hogwash, then for you it is exactly what you believe. Your reality echoes what’s in your mind. And yet, for me, I still see the LOA in action for you, and everyone else, because the effects of the LOA are visible to me. My mind is in alignment with it, so I see it everywhere.

When you truly understand how the LOA actually works, and what it all means, you can use this to really change your life. Since your life somehow echoes your mind, you can really get an understanding of the nature of your mind by looking at your life.

What do you like about your life? What do you hate about your life? How does your life echo what’s on your mind? Can you see that your life is an echo or reflection of what’s going on in your mind?

Don’t wait for your life to change so that you can start thinking differently about it. Until you think differently, your life will remain the same. You HAVE to start thinking differently first, so that your life can start echoing what’s going on in your mind.

The Law of Attraction will always attract to you what exists first in your mind. When you think better thoughts for yourself, your life will truly change. It has to. It has no choice, as it will always echo your mind.

Make your mind a happy, healthy and rewarding place for you to be, and your life will echo it.

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