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Planning a holiday to Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock

My wife and I have been trying to work out where we’re going to go for a holiday. It’s been a long time since we went on an adventurous journey, with the last time being a couple weeks along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, up the coast to Adelaide and then back home again. That was an exciting time! That was two and a half years ago and we’ve been getting itchy feet. After a long period of trying to work out where we’re going, we’ve settled on Ayers Rock, in the desert centre of Australia.

Ayers Rock is something that many Australians aspire to but most never achieve. A destination that is mostly for foreign tourists, with television documentaries and other people’s photos being the closest that most Australians get to it. Anyone that goes will probably never go again, since it’s quite a journey just to get there.

We’re going in about 6-7 weeks from now, for just over a week. It’ll take 3 days to get there, we’ll stay for 3 nights at an Ayers Rock resort followed by a night at the nearby Kings Canyon resort, then 3 days to get back home.

We’ll be going over a period that includes a couple public holidays in Canberra, so that we minimise the actual time spent away from work. Being a contractor, I don’t get holiday pay, I just don’t get paid if I take holidays. Since I have to take 2 days off anyway because of the 2 public holidays, then we’re going to make the most of the time to do the holiday to central Australia.

Exciting times ahead!

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