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The Shadow – chapter 2

The Shadow (chapter 1)

Alex Sutton was feeling confused. Lying on top of his bed, he was browsing the internet on his tablet, but not really noticing what he was doing. His mind was on the evening’s activities with the girl from the cafe. They’d seen a movie together, and she seemed interested, even holding his hand when it got scary. But after the movie she said she had a headache and wanted to go home. She took a taxi.

He sighed, looking out the window into the darkness, the wall of the house next door just barely visible, thanks to the nearby street lights. He wondered if there would ever come a time when he’d be able to understand women.

Wait… was that a scream?

Dropping the tablet on the bed, he got up and moved to the window, trying to see down the alley between the houses and into the street. There was no one there. The screaming was continuing, and he could feel the hairs all over his body start to stand up in fear. What could make someone scream like that? Suddenly he saw a woman run past on the street out the front of his house. She looked afraid, and was running fast.

Moving quickly, Alex left his room and made his way to the front door, not worrying about turning on any lights. As he opened it, the screaming stopped. He stepped out and looked to his right at the woman as she ran down the street. He was about to call out to her when he saw something move from the corner of his eye. He looked left and his blood froze as he saw…. what was that? It looked like a… a what? A black cloud? It was moving along the road in front of him, looking like it was chasing the woman.


He stepped back into the darkness of his doorway, his heart pounding, and his mouth hanging open as he watched… it. There wasn’t any other way to describe it. it was almost like a shadow on the ground, but more like a cloud, and it was chasing the woman. He glanced upwards, but there was nothing above it or nearby to cause a shadow like that. He watched it as it chased the woman, who now looked like she was trying to open a car with a remote. It beeped as she unlocked the doors, and then, to Alex’s shock, there was what sounded like a scream coming from the shadow which suddenly disappeared.

The woman smacked into the side of her car, looking behind her before getting into it slowly and driving away, seemingly a bit more relaxed now that the shadow was gone. The street was quiet again. Alex could still feel the hairs all over his body standing on end, and could still hear the blood pounding in his ears. He shut the door and locked it, feeling a bit safer as he turned around and leant against it, wondering what it was he’d just witnessed.

He was still leaning against the door when the police arrived at the house up the street.

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