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A friend of mine read this site for the first time last night, and they're a friend who's never known about my online journaling before. I've been thinking about it last night and today, in the context of the circle of friends that they and I are part of, and I thought I'd discuss it here and then tell them to have a read of it. I think this applies to anyone who reads this, particularly if they're close to me.

While this is a 'public journal', and therefore available for all the public to see, there are certain things that I talk about which are a glimpse into my private life, and occasionally the private life of other people. I do this because it's fun for me to do, and I know that a lot of people enjoy the voyeuristic hobby of reading about the intimacies of other people's lives. Including me. I started online journaling 7 years ago, because I enjoyed reading about the lives of others and wanted to do the same thing.

A lot of what I write is unconventional, either what I write about or how I write it. This is because I enjoy exploring thoughts and philosophies that are outside of the norm. However, I would appreciate that anything I write be used only in mature and respectful context, if it's to be ever used in conversation with other friends or people.

I think the biggest reason for me writing this is because this particular friend has specifically advised Deidre and I that they can't keep a secret, and if we ever have a secret then don't tell it to them, as they're just going to tell someone else about it.

While nothing on here is a secret, I don't particularly want it to be used as a source of fun or ridicule amongst others in our social group, as that would just make me angry. Of course, if they do decide to do that, there's nothing I can do to stop them, but I would certainly lose a lot of respect for them.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. Thanks for listening. And *hugs* to the friend in question. Maybe there'll be more hugs like the accident on the bus this morning. *grin*

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