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The Perfect Woman

Where do I start?

Deidre seems to be the perfect partner. She accepts me as I am, and loves and appreciates me for it anyway. She understands that I'm a man, and as a man, I'm attracted to women. She's not insecure about it at all, and happily, she's also interested in women herself. This makes it so much easier to be natural around her, and to appreciate a good-looking woman that might walk past. It's so much fun to point out to her any of these good-looking women and we can appreciate them together.

Let me reassure you that… I'm completely loyal to her, and wouldn't dream of screwing around behind her back. When I say she's not insecure about it, I mean that she's not like so many other women who ARE insecure. They're insecure because they are afraid that they'll lose their man to another woman. He's either proven himself untrustworthy in that respect, or she isn't happy with herself and feels that he'll leave her at the drop of a hat, that all those other gorgeous women will be too much for him to hold himself back from.

And as a result, those insecure women hate the idea of their man looking at other women. They get upset when he looks at pornography, or looks at other women walking past. They accuse him of not caring about their feelings, or of not loving them or finding them sexy. As a result, their man is 'oppressed' by their insecurity, having to avoid looking at other women in order to keep their partner happy.

They aren't being themselves. They're being a different person. A person walking on eggshells and suppressing their natural desires for women.

I saw a movie a few weeks ago, In Good Company. There's a part where Dennis Quaid is asked by someone, "You seem to have the perfect marriage. What's your secret?"

The reply was, “You just pick the right one to be in the foxhole with, and then when you’re outside of the foxhole, you keep your dick in your pants.”

Deidre is my foxhole partner. And she's the one that I'll keep my dick in my pants for. While she's certainly not insecure about me looking at other women, I'm certainly not going to fuck up a good thing by fucking around.

What's even more interesting and exciting to me is the idea of sharing our interest in women. She's playfully annoyed with me when I don't point out to her an attractive woman walking by. She was playfully annoyed with me on the night of her birthday party, that I didn't invite over to the table a gorgeous woman who waved at me when she saw me looking at her (I waved back and we smiled at each other – then she left the restaurant).

Now, onto another exciting thing about all the above. It's every man's fantasy to watch – or be part of – two women making love to each other. It's also one of Deidre's fantasies. A couple of months ago she came home from being out on the town and woke me up, saying that she had another woman come onto her that night. I sat upright in bed and looked around. "Where is she?" I asked. Deidre laughed and we discussed it, and I said I didn't mind the slightest bit if she brought another woman home with her. We left it open to future opportunities, whatever they might be. Fantasies are often that – just fantasies. Rarely realised, but fun to imagine.

I'm in love with the perfect woman. And she's in love with me, her perfect man. Apparently I give her the freedom to be herself, to do whatever she wants or needs to do, without demand, judgement or unreasonable expectation. I let her be who she wants to be, and that makes me perfect for her. I think we're perfect for each other for the same reasons.

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