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Privacy in the modern world

Privacy is such an interesting thing. The way I see it is if you want privacy you’ll need to drop out of society. Your name, location and activities should not be registered anywhere; you should be completely ‘off the grid’. If you’re on the grid, forget privacy, you have none. They know where you are, what you’re doing, and with whom.

The real question is, why should you care? They’re not going to care about you – you’re just another number in the system. The only time they’ll care about you is if suddenly you’re doing something suspicious and your name is flagged. And really, the only time you should care is if you’re doing something suspicious and don’t want anyone to know…

We’re heading towards a reality where privacy is a quaint relic of a bygone era. You can embrace the lack of privacy into your life, or you can go crazy with fear and paranoia. Up to you.

I choose to embrace it. I know I’m not doing anything wrong, and so I stopped caring. Life is simpler when you just get on with it, instead of worrying about who’s watching.

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