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Psychic Vampires

What the heck are psychic vampires, I hear you asking. No, you haven't stepped into some kind of horror website. You've all experienced them, even if you haven't realised it. They are those people around you that suck your energy from you, one way or another. They suck it from you until you've got nothing more to give them, and then they go look for someone else to suck it from.

The reason they're called 'psychic vampires' is because of the 'energy sucking' they do. This is usually done through manipulation of conversation, so that it results in you giving them a lot of attention and energy, and them just happily taking it.

We've all been with those people who drain us of energy, just by talking with them. Talking is a challenge, as it feels like nothing you do is going to change them. And they're often talking with a negative viewpoint. They're depressed, or angry, and the world owes them something. They talk about how hard things are for themselves, and if things were better, they'd feel different. So we try to make them feel better by pointing out different ways of seeing things, and that what seems bad today will be fine tomorrow.

All that's happening is that they're operating in a state of depression – they're in a well of despair, where there is no energy and they're trying to find it in order to get out of that well. If only they had the energy, they'd be able to climb those walls and escape from the pit.

Many people are like that, and it's fine that they receive your energy via your love, support, kindness, attention, etc. When those people heal from their depression or bad attitude for whatever reason, they usually repay you in some form. You might not ask for repayment, but they give it anyway, because they now have energy to spare, and they're thankful for your efforts.

However, there are some who prefer to exist within that well of despair rather than out of it. They believe that the attention they get in that state is preferable to the energy they don't get when they're out of it. They don't understand that in order to get energy, they must give energy, and so they adjust their way of being so that they get as much energy as possible from others.

There are some who use their abilities in order to gain power over others. It gives them a feeling of superiority, of control. They feel that the only way they can exist is by controlling others and taking their energy.

Some of these people even go into the mystical elements of it, where they engage in rituals that actively drain another person's energy from their aura. They understand the nature of universal energy, and everyone's part in it, and use their knowledge in order to gain energy on a spiritual level.

But let's get back to 'normal circumstances'. When you're in a conversation with someone, and you feel that it's becoming very draining, the reason is often simply that they aren't giving back to you what you need in return for what you're giving. As you're giving to them, their aura is encircling your own and actively draining your energy. Why is this happening? Because you are allowing it to happen. You are consciously wanting to help them, so you are opening yourself up to giving it all away. It's your desire to give them your support, and so there are no protections put in place to prevent them from 'sucking you dry'.

Protections. That's an interesting concept, isn't it? How do you protect yourself against something that you can't consciously perceive? How do you protect yourself from someone actively taking what you're giving?

Many people who know about protections promote the idea of surrounding yourself with white light, or a white bubble, or even a ball with a mirrored reflective surface. The white light or bubble protects you from the darkness, from anything negative, while the mirror reflects negative energies back to the sender.

The idea is that as you imagine it, you create it. As you give energy to it, it works in your favour and protects you from others that want to take that energy for themselves. So by imagining your own strength and your own protection, on a spiritual level you are actually having that protection. And the more you fuel it, the stronger it gets.

As you radiate your protection, those who would want to drain your energy end up finding that there's nothing to drain. They don't have access to it. You've blocked it from them by your protection, and so they lose interest in you and go look for someone else to drain energy from.

Psychic vampires are themselves weak. They only have strength by the energy that is given to them, and when they are prevented from getting that energy, they will leave you alone.

If you feel that you would like to begin protecting yourself from those psychic vampires around you, from those who drain your energy from you, then you certainly do need to start now.

Learn about protection of the spirit, and practice it. Stop giving your energy to those who don't appreciate it, and who give you nothing in return. If you have to deal with them, then ensure that your form of protection is activated. Imagine it around you, protecting you, and giving you strength.

You will notice a difference. Not just in the increased energy you feel within yourself, but you will find that you begin cultivating quality relationships with people who are willing to give to you as much as you give to them.

Try it. You'll like it.

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