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The Earth School

Welcome to the Earth School, where you can experience the joys of learning about life. If you'll follow me, I'll take you on a quick tour of the various buildings available for you to study life experiences.

This is the administration area. It's where you choose the lessons you want to experience. Administration helps you organise your curriculum, helping you choose your lessons and the guides that you'll have along the way. The curriculum will be entirely up to you, of course, but they'll help you work out what you want to achieve, and set things in motion so that your guides are ready for you.

Watch your step please. The entry hallway here can be a bit bumpy, and often traumatic. This is where you enter the school. Unfortunately, one of the side effects is that you forget about your existence before entering the school. Oh, but don't worry – it's only temporary. When you complete the curriculum, you return back here, and you remember everything. Learning about life requires that you enter untainted by previous courses of study.

Over there is the War Building. In there you can learn all the various aspects of war. We provide the service of allowing you to be any kind of victim, if you want. Or you can be the aggressor, or even just sit on the sidelines and observe. It's amazing what you can pick up just by watching.

There's the Building of Love. Love is obvious. It's where people learn about love, and how to feel love, and how to express love. It's right next door to the Building of Pain, because they're often interlinked.

Yes, there's a bridge connecting them. If you look over there, and there, you can see that each of the major buildings are connnected to Pain. We've found it helps people to maintain that link between their lessons without any distractions from the grounds or other people.

The Building of Life and Growth – that's the one on the other side of the Building of Pain there. It's where you learn about creating life, living life, and growth. They're all related, of course, which is why they're in the same building.

Don't worry, I'm getting to the Building of Pain. It's the last of the major buildings around here, and as I said, central to the rest of them. In there you learn about all the various aspects of pain; giving it, feeling it, watching it, and understanding it. By incorporating pain into all the other lessons, you're able to learn more about yourself in relation to those experiences.

The guides? Oh yes, they help you go through your lessons. They're part of the school, but not part of your experiences. Their purpose is to help you follow the curriculum that you chose, because if you remember at the beginning of this tour, when you enter the School you forget everything – including the curriculum.

We're coming to the end of the tour. Over here is the Graduation Building, also nicknamed the 'Building of Death'. After you've completed all the lessons of your life, you go through this last building and experience the final lesson of your curriculum. This can be quite traumatic as well, so on the other side is the Recovery Building. Your friends and your guides gather with you here and help you go through the recovery process, as well as process everything you learned.

And that's the tour. Thank you for your time, and we appreciate your interest in learning about the Earth School. Please feel free to take one of our brochures on the way out. If you have any questions, just click on the "Add Reply" button and the closest guide will respond.

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