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Spring is here

It's the 1st of September, the first day of spring. And what a lovely day it is today. Yesterday was such a miserable, wet day, and today's gorgeous. It's like winter was trying to have its last gasp before spring arrives.

I'll try to use more photos in future, or even images. I'd like to spice this blog up with photos, and it worked out well the times I've done it in the past. I keep on having issues, however, with maintaining the insertion of photos into blog posts. I usually just want to write something, and when I finish, I just publish it. It's often quite a lengthy process to find a relevant photo or image and then insert it. However, I've recently installed an album plug-in that should make image management a much easier task.

I haven't really provided any significant updates for quite a while, and I really should get around to changing that. So here I am. Probably the most significant update is that Deidre moved out a week ago. But then she moved back in a couple days ago… She made a wrong choice of house to move to, so she's back now while she looks for another house. I hope she makes a good choice next time around…

Some people find it strange that I can still live with an ex, and even more so, if she moves out that I can let her back in so quickly. To me it's really simple. Her and I are still very close, and we're still very good friends. This allows us to live together without too many issues. Sometimes an issue arises that reminds us of why we separated, but it's easier to tolerate now that we're no longer partners.

When you're in an intimate relationship, you share not only your life, but a vision of how your future together is going to be. It can often require compromise and sacrifice to help ensure the vision becomes a reality. To some people, the compromise and sacrifice is all-important on the path of achieving the vision, and if they think their partner isn't compromising or sacrificing the way they believe is required, all kinds of issues can arise. Issues that can destroy a relationship… But when that vision is no longer shared, there's no need to have or demand such compromises or sacrifices, and so the relationship can be a lot more natural and easy going as just friends.

That's where Deidre and I are at, and that's why we can live together as friends in a more harmonious manner than when we were together. We still care about each other, we just can't plan a future together.

I've been getting back into a game I used to play quite extensively – Eve Online. It holds my attention a lot more than World of Warcraft did. I managed to fix the problem on my laptop which was preventing me from playing it when I tried many months ago, so it's been all systems go. It's been quite enjoyable getting back into the swing of things in the game. (If you're playing it as well, look up 'Black Claw' and say hi…)

I was just checking my archives to see if I've posted less frequently than last month, which included 4 posts. It turns out that I have. Back in March this year I did only 3 posts, and in February 2005 I did 2 posts. It looks like 2004 was a pretty quiet year, but 2003 and previous to that seemed to have an average of about 1-2 posts per month. Wow. Four posts last month doesn't seem so bad… 😉

It's fascinating to see how news gets twisted these days. My last post was about the 'spin' applied by western government and media to the origin of the Russia-Georgia conflict. The US was obviously upset that their stooge in Georgia failed to complete his objectives, which supported the US agenda, and after Russia quickly responded to safeguard innocent lives in Sth Ossetia against Georgian aggression, the western world jumps on Russia for their actions. Quite amazing really. And then when Russia received support from China and other Asian states, independent news reports it truthfully, while the mainstream media report that China and the other Asian states refused to support Russia.

News is no longer news, it's simply a means of promoting propoganda.

And regarding the upcoming US election. My prediction is that even if 100% of Americans vote for Obama, McCain will scrape in just enough votes to win. God's miracles at work.

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