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They still call it news

I'm appalled at how blatant the western media has become with its propoganda. It's no longer news, it's fantasy designed to support the US government's agenda. Seriously.

I know a lot about what's been going on. I'm an avid follower of world events. This Georgia/Russia conflict began many years ago, and it's all very complicated. But basically, both Georgian and Russian forces have been peacekeeping in Sth Ossettia for a few years now, keeping the violence from the 'separatist' Sth Ossettians to a minimum. Suddenly, on the Friday 2 weeks ago, the Georgian forces turned on their Russian peacekeeping companions and mowed them all down. 15 of the Russians were killed, and about 150 were wounded. As soon as the Russians were dealt with and unable to 'keep the peace' any more, the Georgians went on a slaughter spree and killed about 1,000 Sth Ossettians before the Russians could respond – that was just within a few hours.

Russia immediately responded in force, because it had been expecting something like this. The US had been training Georgian forces in 'domestic anti-terrorism' and had just finished the large-scale training operation two weeks previously. And the only domestic terrorists that Georgia has is Sth Ossettia, so that's why the Russians knew what to expect.

So within 4 days, the Russians moved into Sth Ossettia to protect the people there, drive out the Georgian forces, and destroy the Georgian military infrastructure that was supporting them. The engagement was over faster than the US and NATO thought possible, and NATO was already sending tanks and weapon supplies to reinforce Georgia as the conflict began, but it was over before the supplies could reach Georgia. So it was halted.

As soon as events went against Georgia, the US put their media / propoganda spin into action. Russia was suddenly the bad guys invading poor, helpless, democratically-elected, US-friendly Georgia. Oh, those poor, innocent Georgians. How evil are the Russians for invading them, and using military force above and beyond what was necessary. Oh, how evil are those Russians for staying in Georgia and ignoring the western world telling them to get out.

You have to look long and hard for NEWS, rather than propoganda. It's buried in non-western controlled media sources, or opinion pieces here and there.

However, this conflict actually began a long time ago, when the USSR fell, and various states broke away from Russian control, including Georgia. As a result, the US has been trying to hem Russia in with NATO-controlled territory. After WWII, the closest major city to NATO forces was St Petersburg at 1,600km. NATO is now only 60km from St Petersburg. This is naturally of major concern to Russia.

And then you get the US wanting to put up anti-missile shields in those NATO-controlled areas around Russia, for the express purpose of denying Russia the ability to protect itself if the US engages in a nuclear strike against them.

Russia has been saber-rattling for quite a few years now, along with the US, but the Russians have a bigger saber and they actually draw lines in the sand with it, which the US hasn't been game to step over. This incident with Georgia was another line in the sand – a much bigger one than before.

Russia is telling the US – and the world – that they're not interested in putting up with its crap any more, and it will not tolerate US-sponsored aggression against its interests. It's telling everyone that it's in a position to do something about it, and the US isn't. Georgia was a US ally, and Russia proved that the alliance is useless. This is also a significant message to those other states that broke away from Russia and had a sense of security that NATO would protect them. They're now rethinking this mistaken belief.

And so we have geopolitical maneuverings that show the balance of power has shifted away from the US and NATO, but all that the western world gets to see is the pro-US propoganda about how evil Russia is. The US are aiming for another Cold War with Russia – or, preferably (according to Bush and McCain), a real war. They're all talking about sending in the military to force Russia to comply.

I find that so incredibly funny. The US is seriously going to get its arse handed to it on a platter. And I'll laugh when that happens.

Just don't believe what you read in the papers. It's all fantasy propoganda now, and it's sad that they still call it 'news'.

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